participating qualification

To fight against counterfeits and defective products, and protect reputations of the expo and the exhibitors, we will be strict on the concepts of exhibition subject and country of origin.

1.All the booths are only for the product registered and produced by the exhibitor himself with its registered trademark and the product that agent and sold by the exhibitor. The exhibitor shall take full liability for the quality problems of the exhibits.

2。During the exhibition, the organization committee will take charge of the IPR protection work according to the relevant rules by government。

3。The charge standards of the booths are determined by the concept of "country of origin"。 If domestic enterprise puts products manufactured overseas on display, the fees of that booth will be charged according to the charging standard of overseas enterprise。

4.It's not allowed for exhibitors to share booth together. It's not allowed to sublease and resell the booth. Once any violation is found, the committee has the rights to cancel the participating qualification of that enterprise, the organizers have the rights to terminate the participation contract and expel the violator from the exhibition hall with relevant departments.

participating qualification exhibit scope booth charge participating procedures
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